Pineapple Playground: Under Construction

Our 12v12 casual servers won't be ready for quite some time. Keep an eye on the official Team Fortress 2 website for an announcement of our first Alpha 1 (a1) release.

Our plan is to set up servers worldwide with a mix of official in-game maps and unofficial community maps from the Steam workshop and beyond, including forgotten gems from over 10 years ago, to promote the stellar works of community map makers.

To avoid intimidating players, our servers are not moderated by staff. Instead, players are responsible for using the available in-game tools to police their server to their preferences, just like in Valve's casual servers. Bans will only be issued to bots, cheaters, stalkers, etc.

TF2 Medals

We will be handing out in-game TF2 medals to the TF2 community for participating:

  • Five (5) player medals will be awarded to casual players who play on our servers. Medals are rewarded for simply playing casual TF2, regardless of how well you play. Playing on unofficial community maps will accelerate your medals progression.

  • Two (2) donor medals will be awarded to donors who donate to our charity drive ($5 and $10 respectively; $15 for both medals). The charity benefactor is TBD on release day.

  • One (1) helper medal will be awarded to volunteers who help us with selecting and testing community maps, creating promotional materials, etc.

Have suggestions?

If you would like to send us feedback on how we should configure our servers and/or suggest community maps that we should include in our rotation, feel free to email "feedback {at} pineapple {dot} tf" with your thoughts and we'll happily take them into consideration. We are still in the early planning stages and everything is subject to change.


If you're looking for Mann vs Machine (MvM) servers, visit our MvM website.